Saito Takumi makes cover of 'an?an' for the first time

November 20, 2012 @ 7:33 am
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Actor Saito Takumi (31) will be featured on the cover of women's magazine 'an?an' for the first time in its November 21st issue.

The photos were shot with the theme "uncontrollable feelings of a man", and its story line follows Saito, who wears a handsome suit and invites a beautiful woman to a hotel. He expressed, "My mom has been a big fan of 'an?an' from way back, so my dream has come true."

During his bed scenes, Saito showed off a realistic performance that surprised the staff around him. "With this kind of acting, you have to overdo it. If it's not enough, you can't do anything about it," he commented.

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Source & Photos: Sports Hochi, Sanspo


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