Nito Moeno explains her decision to graduate on blog

February 14, 2013 @ 5:41 pm
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AKB48 member Nito Moeno who announced her graduation from the group during the team A stage performance onFebruary14th, updated her official blog, and explained the reason for her graduation.

Below is what she posted.


I announced during today's (February 14th) stage my decision to graduate from AKB48.

I am sorry for the sudden announcement.

I started seriously thinking about the graduation when I turned 20, and I have made up my mind by the end of last year.

I joined AKB48 as a 5th generation member, and have experienced many things. However, recently, I was thinking a lot about my standing position, how I should support AKB48, and also, how it would affect me in a positive way...

However, this place is not my goal after all, and I do not intend to keep fighting as a member of AKB.

I want to graduate, and experience even more things! I would like to try my best to improve my own skills!!

Regarding the date for my graduation, since I definitely want to attend the handshake events for 'Eien Pressure', and my 5th anniversary since debut will be on April 28th, it will be after I finish those.

It has not yet been decided exactly when (could be May, could be June...), but while I can stay as a member of AKB48, I want to continue learning many things, and grow myself up. I also want to cherish the time with the members, as well as the time with you fans.

Please continue to support me.

AKB48 Team A Nito Moeno


Source: Nito Moeno official blog

Image: AKB48 official site


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