ZONE member MIYU's agency dissolves her contract

February 13, 2013 @ 7:38 pm
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RunTime Music Entertainment announced on their official site that they have dissolved their exclusive contract with MIYU (Nagase Miyu), of girls' band ZONE, as of February 13th.

According to the announcement, "The reason of the dismissal is that "Nagase Miyu's conspicuous immoral conduct and frequent non-fulfillmentof duties caused the fans and the parties concerned great trouble in addition to extensive damage to our company. Although we tried for guidance and persuasion to her in a repetitive manner and unfortunately there was no improvement in sight. Thus, we figured that it was difficult to continue to keep the exclusive contract with Nagase Miyu, and we have concluded to dissolve the exclusive contract with her as of today."

ZONE was formed back in 1998, and made their major debut with 4 members in 2001. Though they disbanded in 2005, they made a comeback with 3 members in 2011. After member TOMOKA retired from the showbiz in November of 2011, the band became a duo consisting MIYU and MAIKO (vocals and bass).

Source & Image: Oricon


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