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Former AKB48 member Mitsumune Kaoru opens her Twitter account

March 12, 2013 @ 7:41 am
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On March 7th, former AKB48 member Mitsumune Kaoru opened her official Twitter account. It's only been a few days since the account was opened, but she's already attracted over 20,000 followers. She tweeted, "Once again, I'm sorry for worrying you for a long time. I am doing well. Thank you for the follow! I'm surprised at the number." On the profile section, it reads, "I like to draw using a ballpoint pen. I will open a private exhibition within this year."

Mitsumune joined AKB48 back in 2011. Since before her debut, she had high hopes as she had been gaining attention through gravia and CMs. However, she withdrew from the group in October of 2012 due to her poor health condition. Since then, she's rarely made appearances in front of the media and fans had been voicing their concerns.

On Twitter, Mitsumune has been keeping in touch with her former co-workers from 'Maidolche', a maid cafe in Osaka where she worked before joining AKB48. However, it doesn't seem like she has been interacting with any of the AKB48 members.

Source: J-cast
Image: Mitsumune Kaoru's Official Twitter


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