'Itazura na Kiss' to get a live-action drama adaptation once again

March 8, 2013 @ 5:09 am
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It was announced that big hit manga "Itazura na Kiss", which was serialized on "Bessatsu Margaret" (Shueisha) during 1990 ~ 1999, will get a live-action drama adaptation with the title "Itazura na Kiss ~Love in TOKYO."

Previously, it was adapted into a live-action drama back in 1996, but it was not just in Japan as there were also live-action drama adaptations in Taiwan (in 2005, 2007), as well as in Korea (in 2010). Though the manga was unfinished due to the unexpected death of the author, Tada Kaoru, it still shows its strong popularity as it receives offers for picturization from all over the world even now.

This is a romantic comedy which follows a devoted one?sided love ofthe protagonist "Aihara Kotoko" who is a clumsy and upright girl. Kotoko falls in love with a genius and handsome guy named "Irie Naoki" who has the IQ of 200.

In the drama, "Kotoko" will be played by model/actress Miki Honoka (16), and this will mark her first starring drama. Miki who claims to be a huge fan of the original manga, commented, "I feel pressured as there are fans of the original manga series, and also that I may be compared with the Korean and Taiwanese versions, but I'm confident that our 2013 Japanese version will be the 'Itazura na Kiss' which only we can make." She also talked about the story, "This is a dreamy story for girls. There is no villain, and you can be happy watching it, so I hope we can give the viewers chuckles and comforts."

The role of "Naoki" will be taken by actor Furukawa Yuki (25). Furukawa said, "The character (in the original manga) is a very attractive person even from a man's point of view. So I wonder if I would be enough, but I want to try my best to meet the high expected image for the role."

It was also announced that the drama will feature "Ikezawa Kinnosuke" who is in love with Kotoko, and takes Naoki as his rival, more so than how it was written in the original manga. Kinnosuke will be played by Yamada Yuki (22), and he said, "I want to betray the expectations in a good way, and make the viewers worry, 'Would Kotoko go for Kin-chan?'"

"Itazura na Kiss ~Love in TOKYO" will begin airing on Fuji TV TWO (one of the premium television stations operated by Fuji TV) starting on March 29th, with 16 episodes in total (every Friday on midnight). There will also be a special program on March 21st on Fuji TV (only in Kanto region).

Source & Image: Oricon


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