Yoshizawa Hisashi announces his marriage with Kiriyama Maki

March 26, 2013 @ 11:51 pm
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On March 26th, actor Yoshizawa Hisashi (34) and actress Kiriyama Maki (32) announced through their agencies as well as Yoshizawa's official Facebook, that they got married on March 3rd.

Yoshizawa commented, "I am feeling a great joy that I was able to fulfillone of my dreams to have my own family." Regarding his wife, he said, "As my wife is also in the show business, our paces in life match well, and we have been able to build a comprehensive relationship with each other. Therefore, we've decided to hold each other's hand, and spend the rest of our lives together."

Reportedly, the couple met through friends, and were naturally attracted to each other as good friends. They registered their marriage on the 3rd, and are already living together. Kiriyama is not pregnant, and they have not yet decided on details regarding the wedding ceremony and reception party. Also, they are not planning to hold a press conference regarding this matter.

Congratulations to the couple!

Source & Image: MANTAN WEB


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