Hello!Project members appear at event for their book

April 10, 2013 @ 4:26 pm
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On April 9, six Hello! Project members including Morning Musume members Ikuta Erina (15) and Ishida Ayumi (16) appeared at the commemorative sales event at the Fukuya Bookstore Shinjuku Subnade store for their book Hello! Project Members to Tanoshimu SATOYAMA Guide BOOK (Tokyo News, 2500 Yen.)

The book summarizes their activities in the project "SATOYAMA movementwhich seeks to re-introduce and recognize the importance of Satoyama values, the middle ground between urban life and the countryside. It includes the photos of the members participation in farmwork and DIY works and Ishida smiled with, The book shows a different side of us that is not seen on stage. S/mileages Fukuda Kanon (18), who has been seen many times to eat food secretly, said bashfully, Each time I ate secretly, I felt I'm glad I came today.

When asked about the men who reside in the Satoyama, the members agreed that, Everyone is very warm, and Ikuta added, A person who takes great care of plants is likely a person who takes great care of women.

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