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?-ute performs at the Nippon Budokan with special guest Moritaka Chisato on '?-ute Day'

September 12, 2013 @ 12:13 am
by simplymissj
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On September 10, 5-member female idol group?-uteopened their 2-day solo concert at theNippon Budokanin Tokyo. As a surprise, veteran singerMoritaka Chisato(44), who belongs to the same agency, performed with them for the first time to the cheers of 10,000 excited fans.

This is the group's first time performing at the Nippon Budokan since their debut. In February, the group covered Moritaka's popular song "Kono Machi" and as if by fate, they were able to collaborate during the concert. Moritaka stated, "I came here as a senior artist to support [my juniors]. Let's sing the song together," to which the group replied happily, "It is our privilege." The group then sang enthusiastically with Moritaka with the rearranged lyrics "Tadori Tsuitayo Budokan~" ("We've arrived at the Budokan after some struggles").

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With September 10 marking "?-ute Day", the group cried tears of joy as they performed on their dream stage for their anniversary and sang 24 songs including their newest "Tokai no Hitori-gurashi" (goes on sale November 6).

Since the Budokan will be used as a judo stadium during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, leaderYajima Maimi(21) declared, "I would like us to make the gold-medal winning shoulder throw on other idol groups," drawing an air of excitement into the stadium.

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· Posted September 15, 2013 @ 6:35 pm

C-ute Day went by already?? Wow I am so behind >.< 

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