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No Sleeves reunite at Takahashi Minami's 26th birthday live

April 11, 2017 @ 9:02 am
by ustar
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On April 8, Takahashi Minami celebrated her 26th birthday with a birthday live called "Minami Takahashi 26th Birthday Live 2017 ? 199104080127? 26? " at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO. 

The live was held exclusively for members of "Cheeky eyes". Takahashi performed 14 songs mainly focusing on tracks off of her first solo album "Aishite mo Ii desu ka?" released last year.

Minegishi Minami served as MC for the event, and together, they reflected on Takahashi's past year of activities. Afterwards, Kojima Haruna, who will be graduating from AKB48 on April 19, made a surprise appearance on stage. Fans were overjoyed at the reunion of No Sleeves (AKB48 sub-unit comprised of Kojima, Minegishi, and Takahashi), which brought tears of happiness to Takahashi's eyes. The three performed No Sleeves' popular song "Heartgata Virus". Takahashi commented, "I don't remember the last time the three of us sang together..."

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During the encore, Takahashi announced, "This is why I chose to go solo! Finally, finally!! I will be holding a nationwide tour!" She is scheduled to hold 15 concerts starting on July 15 at Sapporo PENNY LANE24. 

[Takahashi Minami Zenkoku Live House Tour]

Saturday, July 15 - PENNY LANE24 (Hokkaido)

Friday, July 21 - THE BOTTOM LINE (Aichi)

Saturday, July 22 - LiveHouse Hamamatsu Madowaku (Shizuoka)

Friday, July 28 - WStudioRED (Ehime)

Saturday, July 29 - Takamatsu MONSTER (Kagawa)

Sunday, August 13 - Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO (Hiroshima)

Saturday, August 19 - GOLDEN PIGS RED STAGE (Niigata)

Sunday, August 20 - NAGANO CLUB JUNK BOX (Nagano)

Saturday, August 26 - DRUM Be-1 (Fukuoka)

Sunday, August 27 - Kumamoto B.9 V1 (Kumamoto)

Friday, September 8 - darwin (Miyagi)

Saturday, September 9 - Team Smile Iwaki PIT (Fukushima)

Sunday, September 17 - Kobe SLOPE (Hyogo)

Monday, September 18 - FANJ twice (Osaka)

Monday, September 25 - Akasaka BLITZ (Tokyo)

Source & Image: natalie


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