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THE XXXXXX to digitally release their first album

March 28, 2019 @ 3:17 am
by ustar
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THE XXXXXX, a music project comprised ofYamada Takayuki,Ayano Go, andUchida Asahi, will digitally release their first album "THE XXXXXX" on April 5.

The group is scheduled to hold their firstone-man lives 'MUSIC EXISTENCE' on April 24 and 25 atEX THEATER ROPPONGI. Their first album will consist of a total of nine songs including their singles "Seeds" and "Zealot."

At this time, the PV for "horizon bloom," which is one of the songs that will be included in the album, has been uploaded onto YouTube. This video can be seen below.

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01. seeds?Remastered?
02. horizon bloom
03. second hand
04. zealot?Remastered?
05. ???
06. amber 1800
07. tut-tut
08. Reisei ni Abarete Ikouka
09. end starter


[horizon bloom PV]

Source & Image: natalie


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