Ikimonogakari receive CM tie-up with Yakult

April 10, 2019 @ 3:02 am
by ustar
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The members of Ikimonogakari will star in the new CM for Yakult's 'Miru Miru' and 'Miru Miru S.' They will also be providing their song "Identity" for the CMs. 

"Identity" was written and composed by Mizuno Yoshiki, arranged by Kondo Takashi and Tanaka Yusuke, and its orchestral arrangement done by Mio. It delivers the message, "free your mind.

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In the CM, the three members stand atop a building with Tokyo skies and buildings spread in the background. They wear all white, while performing "Identity." This song will be released digitally on April 12. 

Source & Image: natalie


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