LiSA & Suzuki Tatsuhisa tie the knot

January 23, 2020 @ 2:56 am
by ustar
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It's been reported that LiSA and voice actor Suzuki Tatsuhisa have tied the knot on January 22. 

LiSA made the happy announcement via her official website. On Suzuki, she wrote, "Whenever I am lost or about to get crushed, he supports me with all of his strength." Then she wrote to her fans, "I will continue to do my best as LiSA in order to deliver the best music and the best concerts to everyone who believes in me and shares important moments with me."

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Suzuki is not only a voice actor, but he is also a member of OLDCODEX. He commented on I'm enterprise's official website, "Meeting through several coincidences, we nurtured our bond daily by laughing and singing about trivial things, trying to learn together about things we don't know, and respecting each other's work. When we realized how naturally happy we were together, I felt I wanted to grow old with her and decided to get married.


Source & Images: natalie


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