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Posted by kitto-nakajima 102 pts Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Johnny & Associates adds English subtitles to 11 performance clips on YouTube

7 MEN Samurai SIREN
7 MEN Samurai perform their original song SIREN

In an effort to support the interests of the growing international fan base of their next generation artists, Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates has added Romaji and English subtitles to 11 performance clips from the Johnnys' Jr. Channel on YouTube. The videos showcase live music segments from a variety of recent concerts, including Summer Paradise 2020,Johnnys' Jr. Island FES, LIVE 2020 ENTER 1234567, and Johnny's DREAM ISLAND 2020→2025

Subtitling had been a major component of international participation in the channel since opening in March of 2019, with dedicated fans across the globe working hard to supply translations in over 25 languages via an official YouTube community translation tool. However, in September of 2020 YouTube discontinued the feature.

While the current announcement might still seem disappointing to those fans eager to support and engage with their favorite Johnny's stars' daily variety videos (which comprise a majority of the channel's content), it is an exciting step in the right direction for a company often criticized for appearing to overlook their overseas audience. It will be interesting to see how this continues to develop, not just for the Johnnys' Juniors but other more senior groups also active on social media.

A full list of the 11 songs are listed below. Click to enjoy the chance to finally understand their meaning, or even to sing along at home!

From Johnnys' Jr. Island FES:

SIREN (7 MEN Samurai)
Dragonfly (HiHi Jets)
Beautiful Love (B-Shonen)
Taiyou no Egao, or "Smile of the Sun" (Shonen Ninja)

From LIVE 2020 ENTER 1234567 (Travis Japan solo concert):

Together Now
Happy Groovy
Talk it! Make it!

From Johnny's DREAM ISLAND 2020→2025

Diamond Smile (Naniwa Danshi)
Stray Dogs (Ae! group)
Lil miracle (Lil Kansai)

From Summer Paradise 2020:

Eyes of the future (HiHi Jets)

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