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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Monday, September 18, 2023

[SPOILER] One Piece Manga Spoilers: Luffy begins to battle Kizaru in Chapter 1092!


In the latest One Piece Chapter 1092, things are heating up! Bartholomew Kuma wreaks havoc at Mary Geoise with his Ursa Shock attack, leading to a face-off with Admiral Sakazuki. The World Nobles complain about the lack of food and demand Kuma's execution. Sakazuki attacks Kuma, who manages to escape despite severe injuries, leaving Sakazuki puzzled about his motivations.

Meanwhile, on Egghead Island, the Sea Beast Weapons are destroyed by the Pacifista, allowing the Marines to land. Luffy transforms into "Snake-Man" and takes on Kizaru in an intense battle. Kizaru questions Luffy's motive for protecting Dr. Vegapunk, but Luffy fires back, questioning Kizaru's intent to kill him.

As the fight escalates, Kizaru kicks Luffy with incredible force, sending him crashing into Vegaforce-01, destroying it. Bonney and Franky also confront Kizaru, with Bonney's target shifting. However, Kizaru easily dodges her attacks. Franky realizes Kizaru's destination and contacts Usopp.

Just when Dr. Vegapunk, Edison, and Atlas are about to crack the code to the Frontier Dome, Kizaru arrives, claiming that their plans have been foiled.

But the real surprise comes when Luffy, in Gear Fifth, grabs Kizaru with a massive hand, and the Iron Giant seems to respond to Luffy's transformation.

With all these exciting developments, Chapter 1093 promises an epic showdown between Kizaru and Luffy!

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