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"Kokuhaku" and "Akunin" dominate the 34th Japan Academy Awards

February 19, 2011 @ 1:20 am
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Today it was the time to hand out Japan's biggest movie awards at the "34th Japan Academy Awards" (aka "Japan Academy Prize"), and two well-known movies continued to dominate their competition. Nakashima Tetsuya's "Kokuhaku" (Confession) and Lee Sang-il's "Akunin" (Villain) have both won a lot of awards already and their streak continued at the Academy Awards.

"Kokuhaku" took a total of four awards home, including "Picture of the Year" and "Director of the Year". Nakashima was quite happy and amazed by the flood of awards. He said, "I thought we wouldn't win anything at all. Everything started with a mail sent to Matsu Takako, asking whether she would like to take the leading role or not. I'm taking this award on behalf of everyone involved in this project."

Meanwhile "Akunin" was able to snatch away all the big acting awards. Tsumabuki Satoshi won "Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role". He commented, "I had completely devoted myself to this project. At one time I was worried that it would lack some individuality, but I kept on believing in myself and continued to put all my effort into this role. I am grateful to everyone in the team."

Actress Fukatsu Eri won for her leading role alongside Tsumabuki and thanked everyone as well. She said, "Thank you... there are no better words I can think of right now. Being able to fight together with Tsumabuki has been a big blessing for me. I hope that we can embrace each other afterwards."

Below you can check out the complete list of winners at the "34th Japan Academy Awards"!

Picture of the Year
_= "Kokuhaku"

Animation of the Year
_= "The Borrower Arrietty"

Director of the Year
_= Nakashima Tetsuya ("Kokuhaku")

Screenplay of the Year
_= Nakashima Tetsuya ("Kokuhaku")


Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
_= Tsumabuki Satoshi ("Akunin")

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
_= Fukatsu Eri ("Akunin")

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
_= Emoto Akira ("Akunin")

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
_= Kiki Kirin ("Akunin")


Outstanding Achievement in Music
_= Hisaishi Joe ("Akunin")

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography
_= Kita Nobuyasa ("13 Assassins")

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction
_= Watanabe Yoshiya ("13 Assassins")

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
_= Hayashida Yuji ("13 Assassins")

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Recording
_= Nakamura Jun ("13 Assassins")

Outstanding Achievement in Film Editing
_= Koike Yoshiyuki ("Kokuhaku")


Outstanding Foreign Language Film
_= "Avatar"


Rookie of the Year
_= Ashida Mana ("Ghost")
_= Ono Momoka ("Kinako")
_= Naka Riisa ("Zebraman 2" & "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time ")
_= Nagayama Kento ("Softboys")
_= Miura Shohei ("The Last Message: Umizaru")
_= Miura Takahiro ("Railways")

Source: Sanspo, Japan Academy Prize


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