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Full cast for Mukai Osamu's upcoming drama 'Summer Rescue' revealed


On May 24th, TBS revealed the full cast for the upcoming medical drama 'Summer Rescue ~Tenkuu no Shinryojo~' starring Mukai Osamu.

The drama will be set in a small mountain clinic 2,000 meters above sea level. Mukai plays the role of 'Hayami Keigo', a handsome, young cardiac surgeon who has a bright future ahead of him working at a university hospital. However, his superior commands him to examine patients at a small clinic in the mountains for the summer. In a harsh environment cut off from modern equipment, Hayami returns to the origin of medicine, and undergoes a change.

Today it was revealed that actress Ono Machiko is going to play the heroine 'Koyama Haruka', who decided to become a nurse in Tokyo after she lost her mother in a mountain accident when she was five-years-old. One day, due to a certain incident, she leaves Tokyo again, and settles down at a mountain hut run by her father at the same time as Hayami's move. It's Ono's first drama role since starring in the morning drama 'Carnation' (NHK).

She commented, "I'll work hard in order to show you a different Ono Machiko."

Mukai said about Ono, "She's a very interesting and also a very reliable actress in my opinion." He continued, "As for the relationship between our characters, I think that Hayami is always being led by Haruka. It already starts with her calling him before he makes a move. Throughout the drama, the relationship between those two might change. I can't wait to find out how it's going to develop at the set."

Ono replied, "I've seen Mukai in various dramas, and I hope I can get to know him better with this opportunity."

It was also announced that actor Tokito Saburo is going to play the manager of the mentioned mountain clinic. He commented, "I love doing things outdoors, which is why I'm all fired up about filming it at such a harsh location. Being the 'backcountry actor' that I am, I'm going to try my best in order to turn 'Summer Rescue' into a good drama."

The drama is also going to feature young actress Nounen Rena, who is being dubbed 'the second Aragaki Yui'. She's a junior at Aragaki's agency, and already the main image character of the popular drink 'Calpis Water'. In 'Summer Rescue', she's going to play a medical student.

She commented, "I'm certainly going to experience a lot of things for the first time by appearing in this drama, but I wanted to challenge them all with a very positive attitude! I'm still afraid and I tremble when thinking about stuff like what's the meaning of life, so it would be great if I could experience some personal growth with the help of this drama."

The rest of the cast includes Koike Eiko as a veteran nurse and child actress Honda Miyu as her daughter, Sasano Takashi as Haruka's father, Sato Jiro as another doctor, and Matsushige Yutaka as Hayami's superior. You can also look forward to appearances byMiura Rieko, Yamazaki Shigenori, Ichikawa Yui, Suda Masaki, Totsugi Shigeyuki, and Nakada Yoshiko.

TBS is going to air 'Summer Rescue' every Sunday at 9:00 pm starting in July.

Sources: Oricon, Cinema Today

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