'Aku no Kyoten' releases first teaser with a murderous Ito Hideaki

August 20, 2012 @ 1:53 pm
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The first teaser for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Kishi Yusuke's mystery novel 'Aku no Kyoten', starring Ito Hideaki, was recently released on its official website.

'Aku no Kyoten' is about an extremely popular high school teacher named 'Hasumi Seiji' (Ito), whose students often call him by his nickname 'Hasumin'. It's not just the students that adore him, all their parents and all the other teachers see him as an ideal teacher.

However, the truth is that he's suffering from an antisocial personality disorder. He doesn't possess any form of conscience and cannot feel any sympathy towards the people around him. Whenever he faces some kind of obstacle or trouble that threatens his status within the school, he simply kills the threat as quietly as possible. One day, he makes a mistake, and his class witnesses one of his murders, which leaves him with only one choice - kill them all.

The first teaser gives us a first glimpse at the gap between the image that is being perceived by the people around him and his scarily composed murderous intentions.

The movie is directed by none other than Miike Takashi, and features a supporting cast made up of Nikaido Fumi, Sometani Shota, Hayashi Kento, Asaka Kodai, Mizuno Erina, Yamada Takayuki, Hira Takehiro, and Fukikoshi Mitsuru.

'Aku no Kyoten' is slated to be released on November 10th.

Source: Cinema Today


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