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Posted by 0 pt Monday, January 21, 2013

'Mogura no Uta' to get live-action adaptation starring Ikuta Toma


It was announced that Takahashi Noboru's popular manga "Mogura no Uta" would be getting a live-action adaptation starring Ikuta Toma.

The original manga is currently being serialized on "Weekly Big Comic Spirits", and there has been 33 volumes published. Apparently, many musicians, comedians, and even other manga-ka have stated that they were a fan of this manga.

'Mogura no Uta' revolves around protagonist Kikukawa Reiji, a police officer who graduated from the police academy with the lowest grade in history. The story starts where Reiji is condemned to dismissal by thechief. Ostensibly, it was a disciplinary dismissal, but it was actually a command for him to become an undercover agent (commonly called "Mogura (= mole)").

His target is Todoroki Shuho, the boss of a big Yakuza clan in Kanto area, Sukiya-kai. Reiji happens to become a favorite of Hiura Masaya, the young leader of Akogi-kai, a subsidiary Yakuza family of the "Sukiya-kai". Gradually he reached Todoroki by overcoming many hardships.

Ikuta will be playing the protagonist "Kikukawa Reiji" who is stupid and perverted, but still a virgin. Though Ikuta has played many different roles in movies, many are expecting to see a Ikuta Toma which has never been seen before. In the beginning of the movie, there will be a scene in which Ikuta is bound hand and foot on the hood of a car naked, and the car runs at full speed while he is still on the hood. There will also be scenes where the original author Takahashi expressed, "I thought it could only happen in Manga!"

Miike Takashi will direct the movie and Kudo Kankuro will be in charge of its script. This will be Ikuta's first time working with Miike, but he worked with Kudo in the drama "Unubore Deka." Ikuta commented, "I am looking forward and excited to be there when the two talented people who Japan is proud of, clashing into each other. I would like to be soaked deeply into the Miike & Kudo world. I am fired up!!! Bring it on!!!!"

Miike also said, "I want to make the movie with such a sense of speed that you can't take our eyes off the screen as something happens every 5 minutes,sort of like a 'Japanese Mission Impossible.' I also want to make it so extreme that it might traumatize junior high school students."

The filming will begin at the end of January, and it will end in March. They are aiming to complete post-production for a 2014 release.

Source & Image: eiga.com

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