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Momoiro Clover Z to hold a children-only live

March 31, 2013 @ 11:33 pm
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Momoiro Clover Z will be holding a live concert limited to children on May 5th at Tobo Zoo Park Happy Onstage.

This was announced on March 31st during the 2nd Hokkaido concert for 'Momoiro Clover Z JAPAN TOUR 2013: 5TH DIMENSION' at Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center Kitayell. On the same day last year, the girls held a live called 'Momoclo no Kodomo Matsuri Dayo! Zenin Shuugou' for children below elementary school age at Toda Civic Cultural Hall.

More details on the upcoming live will be announced later.

Source: natalie


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