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NICO Touches the Walls' new song to be used in movie, '7days Report'

March 24, 2013 @ 11:37 pm
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Rock band NICO Touches the Walls' new song, "Taiyou ga Warattera", will be used in the movie, '7days Report'.

'7days Report' is currently being screened under the 'Peace' category in the '5th Okinawa International Movie Festival' until March 31st. It was directed by Kondo Masahiro. It stars Shirahama Alan (ofGENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE), Yamashita Rio, Suzuki Nobuyuki, Namioka Kazuki, Suzunosuke, Haba Yuichi, and Itao Itsuji.

The release date for "Taiyou ga Warattera" hasn't been set at this time, so stay tuned for follow-up reports!

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