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Posted by Ari-Gold TH STAFF Monday, November 27, 2023

RYUGUJO's 'SHORYU' Music Video: A Dynamic Blend of Dance and Martial Arts Elements


The music video for "RYUGUJO / SHORYU (→↓↘︎+P)" presents a visually engaging combination of dynamic dancing and martial arts elements reminiscent of a 2D fighting game, notably Street Fighter. The video unfolds with skillfully choreographed dance sequences, seamlessly transitioning between dance and training scenes.

Within the video, the members of RYUGUJO, a Japanese boy group under Sony Music Labels, are portrayed in a 2D fighting game style, introducing an intriguing blend of dance and virtual combat aesthetics. The incorporation of actual fighting game commands into the choreography, with the members shouting "→↓↘︎+P" and executing a rising uppercut move, adds a clever layer of creativity to the performance.

RYUGUJO, translating to "Dragon Palace," made their debut on May 10, 2023, with the release of their single "Mr.FORTUNE." The group, formed through the "school-type" audition program "0-nen 0-kumi: Avu-chan no Kyoshitsu", comprises seven members: ITARU, Saiki Haruku, Tomita Yuki, S, KEIGO, Ray, and KENT.

The music video for "RYUGUJO / SHORYU (→↓↘︎+P)" is distinguished by its innovative approach, effectively combining dance, martial arts visuals, and subtle gaming references. This nuanced integration results in a sophisticated and visually compelling piece, providing viewers with a unique and entertaining experience aligned with the song's energetic ambiance. As newcomers to the music scene, RYUGUJO brings a fresh perspective to the industry, combining alternative vocal styles with captivating dance performances. While still in the early stages of their career, their unique concept and debut releases position them as a group to watch in the evolving landscape of Japanese pop music.

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