Takeda Rina to become a female ninja in "Kunoichi"

February 5, 2011 @ 9:26 am
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It has just been announced that the fabulous 19-year-old actress and karateka,Takeda Rina, is going to star in her third movie, called "Kunoichi".

What? You haven't heard of Takeda Rina before? You haven't seen her first movie, "High-Kick Girl!" (2009), nor have you heard that her second movie, "Karate Girl", is opening in cinemas today? Well, you better dig up her first movie and check out the trailer for her second movie below, because it looks like her third one is going to be even more bad-ass, and you wouldn't want to miss out on that, right?

In "Kunoichi", as the title implies, Takeda is going to disguise herself as a female ninja (kunoichi) and rescue women that have been captured to become toys for men.

Prior to her debut as an "action actress", Takeda participated and won several karate tournaments thanks to her rigorous practices since the age of 10. Try to land a finger on her and the former National Karate Champion is going to teach you the principles of karate, the hard way.

"Kunoichi" will be directed by Chiba Seiji, a well-acclaimed director of ninja flicks such as: "Sengoku: Iga no Ran", "Nukenin", and "Evil Ninja". It has also been announced that the action coordinator of "GANTZ" and "Hard Revenge Milly", Sonomura Kensuke will be part of the team.

With the help of Chiba and Sonomura, Takeda is most likely going to become widely known as the top star of the next generation action actresses in Japan.

"Kunoichi" will open in Japan on March 19th.

Be sure to check out the trailer for her most recent movie "Karate Girl" below!

Source: Cinema Today


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