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Hey! Say! JUMP's new album to have the themes 'dream' and 'mystery'

September 6, 2019 @ 3:03 am
by ustar
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Hey! Say! JUMP's new album "PARADE" will drop on October 30. 

The group's seventh original album will have the themes "dream" and "mystery." It will be available for purchase in two limited editions each containing 14 songs and a regular edition containing 16. Both limited editions will come with a DVD including a video clip and making-of footage of one song 

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?Ai Dake ga Subete -What do you want?-
Others - Limited Editions 1 & 2 will come with 14 songs, Regular Edition with 16

Limited Edition 1 DVD:
?"Kedamono to Bara" Video Clip & Making

Limited Edition 2 DVD:
?"Parade ga Hajimaru" Video Clip & Making

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